Yuliya Kashapova

Satan à la Mode

Illustrations and book trailer animation. Materials: ink on paper + digital media

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Satan à la Mode, written by Adrian Barnes , is a heavily illustrated novel that fits firmly into the nonsense tradition of Lewis Carroll or--equally--into the surrealist, absurdist, or magical realism traditions.
Combining prose, poetry, and art, Satan à la Mode tells the humorous yet touching story of a bitter middle-aged janitor who is hired on as resident devil for the small town of Nosedale. Wearing a too-tight Batman T-shirt, brown loafers--and nothing else--and sporting plastic horns and trident from the local Walmart, Satan stalks the streets of Nosedale scheming his schemes. His dreams of evil are thwarted in turn by his nemesis Ace Cream, preacher at the local church, and his deeply-buried yearning for his next door neighbor, The Goldfish Madonna. 

As the novel builds toward a climactic debate between Satan and the Preacher, a kaleidoscopic cast of supporting characters cross the page: Carlos HaHa, Nosedale’s two-dimensional hairdresser; Rayon Dolores, a Lonely Secretary; Sir Regal Quantum Holy, poet, professor, and nihilist; Mrs. Ghostly Goodnightly, the Ace Cream’s origami organist; the disquieting Reepeetin Bears; and Wallace Nostril, the town’s resident billionaire.