Yuliya Kashapova


About me

My life until today can be divided into two major chapters: before and after 1999—the year I immigrated to the United States.

The “before” period is the tale of a classic Soviet childhood in pre-dissolution USSR, followed by coming of age amidst the realities of the first decade of Ukrainian independence. 

Surrounded by a concoction of influences, I began drawing during the early years. The brutally imaginative words of Nikolai Gogol and Mikhail Bulgakov, the surreal visions of Daniil Kharms and Lewis Carroll, the philosophic poetry of late-Soviet films, and the unique humor of Ukrainian and Armenian animation all played a significant role in shaping my artistic style.  

Shortly after immigrating to the United States, I earned a BFA in Studio Arts from the University of Virginia. The following years were filled with a deep exploration of creative opportunities; I spent time painting and drawing in the United Kingdom and exploring the United States on multiple cross-country road trips. I lived and worked (doing design, photography and illustration) in New York, New Jersey, California, Arizona, Virginia, and just recently came back from living in Germany for a few years. 

I currently reside in Huntsville, AL, illustrating and designing educational and promotional materials for an array of clients across the United States and Europe. My illustrations have appeared in few media outlets including The New Yorker and Brooklyn's DUCTs Magazine. In 2014 I have joined forces with the novelist and journalist Adrian Barnes in bringing to life the heavily illustrated surrealist and nonsensical novel Satan à la Mode.

For my Ukrainian- and Russian-speaking friends, приглашаю в свежий проект с моими иллюстрациями - Улесики.