Yuliya Kashapova



My life until today can be divided into two major chapters: before and after 1999—the year I immigrated to the United States.

The “before” period is the tale of a classic Soviet childhood in pre-dissolution USSR, followed by coming of age amidst the realities of the first decade of Ukrainian independence. 

Surrounded by a concoction of influences, I began drawing during the early years. The brutally imaginative words of Nikolai Gogol and Mikhail Bulgakov, the surreal visions of Daniil Kharms and Lewis Carroll, the philosophic poetry of late-Soviet films, and the unique humor of Ukrainian and Armenian animation all played a significant role in shaping my artistic style.  

Shortly after immigrating to the United States, I earned a BFA in Studio Arts from the University of Virginia. The following years were filled with a deep exploration of creative opportunities; I spent time painting and drawing in the United Kingdom and exploring the United States on multiple cross-country road trips. I lived and worked in New York, New Jersey, California, Arizona and Virginia doing design, photography and illustration. 

I currently reside in Alexandria, Virginia, creating art for books and literary publications. My illustrations have appeared in various media outlets including The New Yorker and Brooklyn's DUCTs Magazine. I also work as a graphic and web designer for an array of clients across the United States and Europe.

I have recently joined forces with the novelist and journalist Adrian Barnes in bringing to life the heavily illustrated surrealist and nonsensical novel Satan A La Mode, which is currently in production.

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